Welcome to the CMS Project

This is a demo of the CMS Project published at Feniksi.com. This project is about building a full-featured CMS so that everyone can learn by studying its code and organization.

The whole code is fully commentet so that it answers each of your questions. Also, to keep everything easy and understandable for beginners, the code is organized in functions that get called whenever it's needed. An Object Oriented approach could have been better and more efficient, but it could have been a lot more difficult to understand too. I'm sure that beginners will find this project informative, but hope that experienced programmers will find it interesting too.

This CMS offers these features:

Browse the code and learn as much as you can from this project. Don't forget that it is free to use for personal projects. You can add features, edit them and do anything you like as long as it's personal.

The use of this CMS for commercial reasons is strictly forbidden. We will take legal actions for the abusers. Feel free to contact us and I'm sure we will reach a good agreement.


Feniksi.com is online

The CMS is ready